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More awareness, focus, creativity, calm, mindfulness. Less distractedness, procrastination & worrying (google “scientific benefits of meditation”)


All these factors along with improved breathing and circulation lead to increased energy, more action, plus a sense of wellbeing and happiness.


More care, compassion, and love for oneself, as well as for others; more enthusiasm & wholeheartedness for life itself.

Quality of Life

With continued practice, whether beginner or experienced, comes beneficial change for you, those around you, and your quality of life.

The Other Heart

Better heart health through more calm, less stress and improved breathing, as well as the reduction of stress-related hormones (like adrenalin and cortisol), and the increased presence of happiness-related hormones (like serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins).


About our group

We will:

  • Aim to help newbies as well as cater for experienced meditators - cutting through jargon, mystery and complexity
  • Discuss what you hope to gain from our meditation class to improve your life
  • Help you understand what meditation is, and is not; and the meaning of increased mindfulness and awareness
  • Guide you, step-by-step and without mumbo-jumbo, on how to meditate successfully and consistently
  • We will practice meditation (and relaxation) in two or three forms to suit varied abilities, characters, and minds


We will NOT:

  • Teach religion or dogma, nor aim to change your religion or faith beliefs or turn you into a hippie or anything else (all hippies are very welcome! as are young and mature, of all faiths and none)... do anything apart from turn you into a meditator
  • Aim to change the world, the environment, hug trees etc...We will however, help you discover how to change a part of your own world, and how to change your mind and your heart.
About me

Over 23 years of experience in meditation, practice, research, and thought on mind and Awareness. And I’ve been blessed to find some great teachers, people, experiences, places, and many insights along the way.

My guiding inspiration is Christ, Buddha, a few precious human beings, many books, and my meditation & family life and experience. My varied teachers are from schools of: Dzogchen; WBO; Mahayana; Oxford MBCT; RamaKrishna (Advaita Vedanta) and others. And as well as learning from the life and teachings of the great teachers Christ and Buddha, I have learned from many great meditation masters, and teachers, including the Dalai Lama, Dilgo Kyentse, Chokyi Lodro Kyentse, Rumi, and many more.

NOT A GURU, lama, monk, priest, lineage-holder...just a dad & husband & meditator. I know meditation. I successfully teach it.

Meditation forms I teach are derived from Tibetan Buddhism's "Dzogchen" - a direct "Nature of Mind" teaching, a style derived from and used by many traditions including the University of Oxford: Oxford Mindfulness Centre training MBCT course which I have attended. I include meditations that use: Mindfulness; the body; the breath; compassion; a topic of discourse, and thought itself. I've also helped students (in private one-to-one sessions) with severe OCD/BP/Anxiety/Stress disorders. The range of what I teach is not only for use in class or on retreat in a peaceful place and state of mind, but MAINLY for use in the ebb and flow of your everyday life with self, family, friends, work, play.

Loves: Family, Family-values, Truth, Honour, Loyalty...Music, Creativity, the arts, computing, maths, physics, astronomy, biology, lifelong learning,...eating!, cooking. And of course Meditation, and the neuroscience & philosophy of how in our everyday lives, our uniquely beautiful and powerful human mind works - it is the most complex structure we have discovered anywhere in the universe!!!



About You
1 Your Precious Gift

All my teachers have spoken to me about a precious gift we all have within us. Yet we mostly do not live using our precious gift. It is named variously, and sadly get's caught-up in dogma, but it is one and the same thing the world over: Awareness, Consciousness, Spirit, Soul, Inner-Self, Higher-Self,... If only we come to see it, we can also see it is by far the better part of us: our higher-self.

“You have a treasure within you that is infinitely greater than anything the world can offer.” – Eckhart Tolle

But I cannot teach you this: you have to discover this yourself (Galileo). And one non-religious, non-dogmatic way to make this precious discovery yourself, is for you to practice a good form of meditation.

2 Your Inner Guide
Your precious gift - your "higher self" - has you looking at this meditation site.
On this day.

And has probably had you look at other similar and different sites before? As well as pick-up books and leaflets over the years?
Does this ring true for you?
How much longer will it take for you to listen to you?
Can you glimpse it's workings throughout your life?

You have brought yourself here, now.
You can turn back.
You can keep looking elsewhere.
Or you can let yourself take a positive first step to go forward to at least try something new you seem to be drawn to.

You've read this far. So perhaps you've reached that "turning point" moment to trust your higher-self, and let it guide you towards Shakespeare's "Hue of action".

Good luck
(If you have concerns regarding meditation, don't hesitate to call me- 07580 983489 or email me on AndreAnthony at GMX.COM)